App's Frequently Asked Questions

Steps To Get Started With BonacoTelecommunications LLC App!
  • Step 1

    Log into your website of choice and register

  • Step 3

    After registration login and visit the Bonaco Dashboard

  • Step 2

    Click the Mobile App to activate your Bonaco App

  • Step 4

    Very Important: Click the Show Password to see your Sip password. You will need this number to activate your App in your Cell Phone.

  • Step 5

    Visit your Google play or Apple Store and download the BONACO APP

BonacoTelecommunications LLC is a 'Buy-On-Demand' calling-as-a service provider licensed by U.S Federal Communication Commission that, offer prepaid calling card that can be used as a traditional pin-based or pinless using access numbers from US, Canada, Europe and many other countries from any of your registered phones to any destination you wish to reach.
Using is simple! Easily dial your choice of access number from your mobile phone or any phone, listen for your balance, and then enter the number or the speed dial you wish to reach! You are on way to making a call with us!
No, there are no hidden fees whatsoever! No Connection Fees, No Monthly Fees, No Maintenance Fees and No Minimum Usage fees. There are absolutely No additional charges, which makes it easy for you to know that you are only paying for the time you actually talk.
No, rates are the same at any time, what we advertised is what you actually pay to talk. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
We use the highest level of industry-standard compliance and SSL encryption technology to protect your personal and financial information submitted on our web site. All your financial information received are stored on our secure servers and encrypted with complex algorithm. To verify authenticity of transaction request on our website, look for the padlock symbol in your browser and on the page will present when you access any of our secured areas.
There are three different options to recharge your account:
  1. Auto Recharge by specifying a threshold level for your balance to automatically recharge using the same billing profile saved into your account on our secure encrypted server. For example, you can set when your account balance reaches $1.00 to automatically recharge your account to $10.00. You never run out of minutes at any time unless de-activated by you to manual with this auto recharge option.
  2. Manual Recharge by logging to your account online at with E-Mail address and the password you entered during setup and click on “recharge- button. It takes less than 20 seconds using this option if same credit card saved as a billing profile when you make purchase is used.
  3. Recharge By Phone – using "interactive voice response" IVR. The same method we all use to paying our bills online. This can be done when call any of access number and *# option selected. Listen carefully, follow the instructions and you’re done. It takes less than two minutes using this option without a computer or Internet.
Due to Internet fraud we are required to speak to you the first time you make a purchase to be sure that no one is using your credit card information. We also use this courtesy call to answer any questions you may have about our calling service.

Your account will be activated immediately upon approval of your credit card information and can be used immediately thereafter. You will be provided a printed receipt of your transaction via email with your account information, instructions on how to use the service and how to access your secured online account.
Yes. You can view your Call History 24 hours a day at by logging into your account and click on "Call History".
Yes. We are available 7 days a week from 6AM - 9PM MST via telephone and email.
No, is a 'Buy-On-Demand' calling-as-a service that remains active for 1 year from the date of the last call. There is no contract or plan required.
No. has no minimum usage level. You pay only for the calls you make. Neither are there any monthly nor weekly service charges.
Yes. We send you a receipt each time you made a purchase to your email address. Also, complete billing details are available to you online 24/7 through your private and secure Account Dashboard login. Your personal and call detail information are secured and when needed, is always 24 hours a day online.
Yes. You can view your Call History 24 hours a day at under "Call History" in login area. Simply login using your email address and password and you can view and print your call details!
Whenever you call any of our access number, you will be announced the balance on your account. Additionally, you can see your balance online after logging at with your email and password.
  • Login with your Login ID and Passcode.
  • You will see the Dashboard.
  • Click on "My Speed" Dial" on Left hand panel of your Dashboard.
  • To Add click on "Add Speed Dial".
  • Put Speed Dial Number that could be 1 to 99 you can not repeat the number once used for speed dial.
  • Enter the destination number you want for the Speed Dial.
  • Enter Description to remember.
  • Select the Direct Dial number if you want to set the access number as Direct Dial.
  • Click on "Add Speed Dial" after filling all the info.